390 days / day 1

Today is 390 days since January 13, 2020. The day I had 12 ischemic strokes followed by 1 massive hemorrhagic pontine Stroke. -

Today is also the day that I have given up facebook(at least temporarily) and started a new practice of daily morning meditation. I am determined to make the best of my time left here, and right now that’s not an easy thing to do - so I am clearing everything that’s a distraction in order to see where I’m going. -

13 strokes on the 13th day of the year 2020. The official start of Dumpster Fire 2020. For most of you that started later in the Year (Covid was declared a global pandemic on March 11)

it’s hard for me to retrace all of my memories of early 2020 because 4 days after I was released from the hospital my best friend, and partner of 23 years was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital due to complications with Cancer. Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, and Colon Cancer to be exact.

So...2020 was not the best year. The First three months alone were enough to ruin the entire year. My life changed in so many ways. I had to pick myself up over and over and over again. This blog is the story of my life, struggles, and overcoming everything thrown at me throughout the year. I didn’t do it alone, and along the way you’ll meet everyone that made a difference along the way. This story goes way back before 2020. 25 years of ups and downs.

below is a breakdown of the early Months of 2020 when life changed in every way possible.

  1. January 13th life as I knew it stopped

  2. January 26th transferred to Roper Stroke Recovery

  3. Febraury 27th released from 4 weeks of intense Stroke Therapy.

  4. March 2nd Trey admitted to Hospital

  5. March 3rd first attempted surgery.

  6. March 4th second planned snd then scrubbed Surgery.

  7. March 5th fluid removal

  8. March 6th released from the Hospital.

  9. March 10th The Beginning of Hospice

  10. March 11th Covid-19 is worldwide

  11. March 13th panic everywhere

  12. March 15th Quarantine starts

  13. March 18th The Day EVERYTHING changed.

From here on I’ll try to describe everything that happened as I know it. Try to describe the people, places, and things that happened that shaped my life, my thoughts, my recovery - weaknesses, strengths, mistakes, and the worst - Successes without Trey.

Trey changed and Continues to change my life in so many ways. I can write for the rest of my life and not get it all down. This is the story of the past, the present, and the future.

if you’re reading this you likely Know me, or are a part of this story. Get ready to be bored, laugh, cry, and remember. Nothing will be in order...I write as I think about things, so I’ll try to categorize things and make it easier. ...somehow.

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