4th of July…


Like I said before this time of year was always super busy. 4th of July was always pretty low key - except that year we took my mom to NYC.

We never went to big festivals, or anything like that. Some years I’m not even sure we saw or did fireworks. Surprise surprise…it was all about the food.

One of my favorite memories was the first food road trip with the strocks we had…

Not sure who read the article first. But it was a big article in the New York Times or somewhere about Scott’s BBQ in Hemingway, SC. Trey called the Big House, or Brenda called Trey I don’t know. All I know is I had ribs on the counter cause Trey wanted to have the strocks over. After that phone call it was DEFCON 1 - get showered get dressed we are leaving. We all met up. For some reason I feel like strocks still had the Sequoia, Tommy drove. It felt like we were going to lunch. A random lunch WAY away. I remember talking about work, a lot. specifically about the cell tower on one of the properties (we ALWAYS talked about that damn thing…you ever bored, ask Brenda about the cell tower, or Snow White and the seven dwarves…the eye roll is monumental)

It was a hot hot day. But it was a nice ride. According to Trey this was gonna be the BEST bbq we ever done eat. He was so excited. We pulled into town, and nothing. There was a shanty barely standing that had a few cars at it. So we decided to stop there. Plus it was the only thing in town. There was smoke…and as soon as we opened the doors you could smell the BBQ. We made it!!!

It was more of a take out place. The inside was…well I don’t know exactly. There were some tables, there was some stuff that looked like it had been for sale in a gas station in 1942. Christmas ornaments…I guess it was Christmas in July…there was a thick layer of dust from 1942 also...but it hadn’t been disturbed since then, so it was just part of the place. There was a lot of strawberry pop in coolers, and a line to order. It was good. Nothing special, but good. Yeah, it was okay. Meh. We were the worst food critics Ever. If we could do better at home it just wasn’t worth it. I had gotten to where I wouldn’t really eat pulled pork, ribs, chicken, or steak out. But, it was a nice trip. good lunch, good company.

Another unforgettable 4th was NYC. the Statue of Liberty on the 4th. Climbing into her crown. My mom. In New York City. It was something else. We made it to the top…BARELY. Someone complained the ENTIRE WAY. Lord you’d think we did the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building.

But, it was fun. That was the best trip. Trey loved showing my mom around other places than New Mexico. She was worn out.

And then July 4, 2018. Benton and I had gone river camping on the edisto in a tree House. Trey did NOT want to go. It wasn’t really his cup of tea, at all. I almost drowned, my phone did drown, and it was HOT. We camped and came home…missy was in town and coming in over. Trey had gotten all kinds things together to eat, and had been working in the yard. He asked us to pick up stuff for frogmore stew. We did.

When we got home Trey was BRIGHT red. And told me he had been in the yard, and just had to stop and come inside. He was worried about the yard so I remember benton going out to finish it up. Trey cooled down and seemed to recover alright. Dinner went on as normal. We had frogmore stew outside, and just relaxed.

That’s also the year Camellia showed up. Trey NEVER wanted chickens EVER. But he was out there feeding her and making sure she was okay every 5 minutes.

I remember painting the first coop with the girls. It was a lot of fun. Trey just rolled his eyes and loved it.

One month later I took Trey to the hospital.

The next year we had 4th of July at the house. No idea what I made. I know I had balloons and a cheeseburger cake for harpers Birthday. And we did fireworks in the yard…not a good idea. It was not a professional show, and things went wrong. One firework went awry and flew the wrong way, and then another did. Fireworks were over. It was a fun night until then.

But that was our last 4th. It’s really really hard to believe that was it. Thinking about the last of everything is hard.

This is the second 4th without Trey. But really it feels like the first. 2020 doesn’t really count does it? Last year everything was shut down. I remember sitting in the house in silence. Scared. The riots had already happened, covid was in FULL effect. So this year actually feels different, and it makes it all the more painful.

Memories are my favorite most treasured thing…and it’s like they’re all happening over and over. Last year was all the firsts without Trey…but now that the world is opening back up all the firsts are popping up again, more so than the first time.

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