A new path begins

It is crazy how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I moved down here to start school for filming and now It’s 2021 and the world I knew has changed drastically.

For many of you who don’t know, I am going back to school for blacksmithing. Some of the people I told thought blacksmithing was me making horse shoes or stuck in a dark shack hammering away at something during a midevil reenactment. Well it’s neither of those - but once I start schooling I can show you what I’m working on.

This new path that I’m going down is very unknown to me, but I like not knowing where it will take me - cause who knows I might be doing a project in Europe somewhere someday Thomas is also excited that I finally found something creative I can get into, and focus on. He has been motivating me to do something since filming wasn't fulfilling my creative needs anymore. If it wasn’t for Trey and Thomas I would have given up, and lived in a van down by the river.

I start school in the fall and I’m really excited to show everyone what blacksmithing is all about so stay tuned.

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