A totally Normal Day...

A year ago today...Trey was out of the hospital. Feeling amazing. My mom was in town, and he wanted to have a normal Saturday. It was our first of the year, and our last ever.

Trey hated opening weekend of movies, especially children’s movies. But, that weekend ‘Onward’ was opening - and he wanted to see it.

It was a very normal weekend for us, movie, grocery store, and home to make dinner.

I don’t know why...but Trey wanted my beef stroganoff. We had to go by the liquor store for Armagnac - and I was going to walk Benton through it.

Trey called Tommy & Brenda over. I was so embarrassed because all we were having was stroganoff.

Thats the last meal I ever made for Trey. And the last time we all ate around the table.

it was a totally normal day. I was back in denial. Everything was great.

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