Adulting Sucks, and other problems…

So, for most all of my adult life I have had Trey to basically take care of everything.

I don’t want to make it seem like I was taken care of. I just never had to budget, or do any of that. I paid all the utility bills, groceries, food, etc. Trey took care of the house payment, insurance, and taxes. Cell phone was work, cars, gas. Car insurance was all work. Trey did all the budgeting for work. I just made sure there was enough money coming in to pay everything. That was stressful enough.

Now though. Good lord. I’ve had to figure it all out. On the fly. Budgeting real life 101.

I don’t know how I’ve survived the past 17 months…well that’s a lie. I do. Benton.

During the lockdown we were bored and started driving Uber eats to get out of the house really. And then it became a real way to make money, and stop living off of savings. I was able to set all of Treys money aside, and really forget it. I was able to move all of my retirement and Treys into new accounts. I took out enough money to make repairs on the house that needed to be done, the rest all put away. And literally the only way that could be done was Uber eats in the lockdown.

During all that time it was literally like - Benton go make this much tonight - I need to lay this bill tomorrow(that’s not even a joke) We would go make 2 or 300 bucks a night. I’d pay bills the next day. It wasn’t pay check to pay check, it was day to day. I started lining everything up. Figuring out how much we needed each week of the month. Building a budget SLOWLY. Probably the wrong way…but I did not care. We were making the money needed to live.

My budget is probably so janky…it’s pathetic. And I know it’s not how anyone would do a budget … but it works.

That my friends is what we fondly reffed to things as ‘STROCKETIZED’.

Take something rather simple, easy to do and/or buy….but instead of doing it the normal/easy way… You take it, and make it your own - you get the same outcome, just in a different, only you can understand why, way …. Or the shorter version - you over complicate it.

Who cares. It works. I know exactly what is needed. When. And what needs to be done. No one else knows what’s going on. But, I know exactly what needs to be done

…there is a picture illustrating this fact that I could post right here … but she gets upset every time I post it, so I won’t. However, if you REALLY REALLY need to see it (See related blog posts below)

Anyhow throughout the pandemic benton fully supported EVERYTHING (house, taxes, utilities, insurance, cell phones, vet, gas, everything) with Uber eats. Talk about STRESS.

Then my disability came through. There was time to relax…..ahhh. Okay that’s long enough. Bentons gotta go to school. Got a real job. Monday - Friday. Loves feeling normal. Still works Uber on the weekend just to make sure we are totally covered. All is great.

School starts. Full time. Job god back to work around school. Uber weekends, just to make it work. Trying to build up a savings….which is hard as heck when you’re making house payments, and everything else to go along with that. And you have mister disabled at home who’s barely contributing anything. But, we have made it. And made it work.

Just the past couple of weeks I have gotten a few things paid off….. praise Moses on buttered biscuits skating around in honey…that feels good.

Breathing room. It’s so nice.

Breathe in, breathe out. Bliss.

Sisters getting married. The entire trip is paid for. Everything is great.

Going to the Abbey today to see Trey, and explain I’m not gonna be there next week, make sure the plants are plenty watered, just make sure everything is okay. Just relax at the abbey on a Saturday like normal


Not even close. Which makes sense. But, it’s my relaxing place. I went to my bench to sit. And all I could see was construction fencing. I couldn’t relax at all. Did they not realize they needed to have it all ship shape for the weekend? That I would be there?

I was aggravated. And in a mood. I needed an unsweetened tea. Stat.

Went to the parkers…they have good tea. I was in the car posting pictures of the abbey on Facebook. TAP TAP TAP on the window.

I look up. And Benton tells me to transfer money.

WHAT? WHY? There is plenty of money in the checking account. I know. I check it 57,000 times a day.

I log in. NEGATIVE $700 something Dollars. At this point I may or may not have said a few terse words. We will just say I was a little aghast. I had had all of the money to take on our trip with us in that account…HOW in the flipping world is it negative that much?

After a few more maybe terse words, and thoughts I calmed down and transferred money to make it not negative, and be able to afford my tea with a massive shot of bourbon.

All I can say is I looked like Brenda TEARING her office apart to find her two missing pennies. My Doctor had run his quarterly billing cycle. But, it’s only August. That should run at the end of September. It says so…right there in my calendar.

September 25, 2021 Transfer $1500 to 9216 for access healthcare payment.

See right there in my calendar. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

You better believe I called my Dr. on Saturday, on his cell phone. YES I was having a medical emergency. GIMME MY DAMN MONEY BACK.

Very nice he says call the girl that does billing. Here’s her cell. Thank you. I call her.

Again. Very nice. So apologetic. And she tells me it’s ran quarterly from whenever I first signed the contract. Not every fiscal quarter. But she will check as soon as she can and correct it if it’s wrong.

I feel better. Partially. Kinda. Not really. I’m going through my calendar trying to seen when my first appt was. I can’t focus.

Basically drove all the way to Boca Vista FUMING. I have just gotten everything straightened out. Paid some things off, and could start building a savings back up. Literally JUST on the way to the abbey I was talking about how we could finally start saving back up. Rebuild savings. Everything was going alright. And three hours later it’s the total opposite.

Got to Boca vista phase 3. I could relax and breathe. Found my fist appointment at access.

September 3, 2020.

More terse, ANGRY, not so nice thoughts. @$&$8&!!!! They were right. My payment is due on September 1. And they always run everything the Saturday before the date due.

So august 28. Not September 25. DAMN. I look like a moron. Now I have to call and apologize. DAMN.

not only that. But I had planned on taking 1500 with me on this trip. Not that I was going to spend it…I don’t eat. But, I don’t like traveling. I’d like to have $1500 of OH SHIT money just in case.

So, as soon as Benton was done teaching Tommy how to draft we were outta there. Benton said he was going to take a nap before work. I politely said think again. Do not shut this car off. You have two days to make 1500 bucks. Here are two bars I’d you get hungry. GO.


Don’t ever breathe, or relax. Right then is when you’ll get screwed. Also, when scheduling your budget. Make sure you have the right days in the calendar.

I’d set up a go fund me page…but, I’m too lazy and can’t even see the mouse. I don’t even know what to fund…maybe my drinking habit?!?!?

I feel the need for a drink, and I don’t even drink. That’s sad.

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