August 17th.

Trey Day … Just accept it.

I’m lost. Lost in a world of unknown. Right now we should be in the mountains. It doesn’t matter, any mountains…but if Trey had his way, we would be in The Highlands right now. Trey would literally be doing a FULL spa day. Including lunch.

We should be walking Main Street shopping. Trey always got his sunglasses from the same shop there every year. Across the street is the men’s store and he would load up on clothes. He loved The Highlands. Ice cream at kilwins, bluegrass in the square.

Olde Edwards Inn.

Driving to Franklin, NC for good bbq. The best brisket ever made. Really doing nothing, just relaxing.

Treys birthday was all about relaxing. It had to be, the rest of the year he worked NON STOP.

Everywhere we would go, restaurants, hotels, anyhwere … he would look and see what they did right…and how we could incorporate that into our business. He never ever stopped working. Always always thinking about something…some idea for a project, some new business idea, the next big break. His head was always always going.

I’m the middle of the night he would wake up and text random words to himself to remind him of a thought that he had. In the shower he would throw random things out of the shower to remind him of thoughts that he had. His mind was always going, always.

I’ve never ever met anyone with a brain like Treys. He could be watching you tube on the tv - a cooking tour through India, reading the Drudge Report for world news on one tab, writing a post for Facebook on another tab about park Circle, researching the NCPD on his phone, and be yelling across the house at the same time saying he’s hungry…what’s for lunch.

That’s NOT an exaggeration.

The past year especially has been all about budgeting. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. But, one thing that I was able to cut WAY back on - is internet usage. We had the premium business data package coming into the house. And EVERY MONTH near the end of the month Trey would be upset and call me, or yell through the house


It was always a big deal. When you go over your alloted amount it automatically slows. Trey could never understand why. No clue how he was going over. None. Meanwhile he has his laptop connected, his phone connected, iPad always connected, streaming the TV, 7 cameras around the house all using wi-fi. Trey was connected. In all ways, every way possible.

I have since been able to take the internet bill down from 3-400 a month to a reasonable 50 a month, and we never go over the allotted time.

Still though - I would like to hear ‘THOMISH DID YOU PAY THE INTERNET???’

Days like today make me miss him significantly more. Just because I know exactly what we would be doing, and where. I know exactly what he would be talking about, what he would want to eat, drink, everything.

It’s hard to miss those times that were always taken totally for granted. It’s hard to miss everything you totally took for granted, never even thinking what could be.

It’s all so hard.

Today I have Dr’s appointments. T&B are taking me. Last year I did nothing today, visited the abbey, and locked myself in the house. This year isn’t really any easier…but, locking myself away for the day in my emotions doesn’t really do anything.

Adjusting to life without Trey just really, really sucks…bluntly. But, he would have none of that. At all. Trey always looked for the good in everything, and everyone. I’ll go more into that another time, in the mean time…

Happy Trey Day!

Make everyday mean something. Make every day count. Don’t waste a single second if you can help It.

Eat Life, and Enjoy.