Coming Home...

As great as the weekend was...there’s always coming home.

There’s always that moment. I don’t know how to describe it...but that moment of just wanting to get home and fill Trey in on everything...

That’s really hard.

Trey and I used to talk. About EVERYTHING. We talked so much we never really ate dinner until 9 or 10 at night. Everyone knew we did not eat early at all...

Coming home to an empty house just sucks. That realization should not be a surprise any longer...but, it is. Every Time. I start going through everything in my mind - getting it all ready to tell Trey. Knowing that he isn’t at home...but still organizing my thoughts and getting it all ready like I used to.

I would start to talk to Trey about things and he would tell me ‘take a breath’ that’s how much I would say and blurt it all out.

Then I get home. silence.

Empty silence.

That’s hard. It’s hard that it happens every-time. Without fail.

Now I don’t have much time to hold on to the thoughts though...I guess that’s a good thing, or is it?

Today I was deep in thought...and then the mail came.


For years...Disney was our thing. Trey would do Sandler training every year, and we would spend time at Disney, especially EPCOT. it’s just been a yearly thing.

Haven’t been for the last three years. And it’s not something that I just can’t possibly do anymore...if I was like that and just didn’t do anything that Trey and I did...I would sit at home in the dark.

Going was a VERY last minute, out of the blue - just happened to work out. My cousin, from Texas...Anna Banana (she hates that name, and if she read this blog - would probably cancel the trip) her husband Prem, and sons Eli & Joah will be driving through Charleston in June, so she asked if they could stop on their way to Florida...of course.

Oh your camping at Oh we can join? Sure...and they just happened to have a camp site left for Phyllis. And, so we are crashing the Pereira family vacation. Totally random, but fun.

That’ll be a hard trip home...but, a lot to think about in the mean time.

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