Covid Testing - anyone else get nervous?

Tomorrow I get my FIFTH surgical covid test done. Every time I get a test I know I’m fine, but I still basically freak myself out.

Anything Covid has me on edge.

I just want all of my surgeries over with...planned or not. I brush my face daily trying to stimulate nerve growth, I try to do everything right - so that I don’t need other surgeries.

Ever since Trey passed away I have been seriously freaked out about getting absolutely everything checked out right now. Ive had every inch of my body scanned in the past year, every blood test you can have done - everything checked. In late January I had a colonoscopy scheduled for complicstions due to my strokes. Everything went well, they found two polyps. Nothing to be concerned about she said - everything to her seemed totally normal, but still sending them off to the usual.

well, last Tuesday I had a follow up appointment. One polyp was nothing, the other was high grade dysplasia, or as my dr said - thank god you had a stroke, because your about a month away from disaster. It was I. The worst possible place, and would have caused massive damage within the next few weeks. So basically - trust yourself, and make them do what you want done. I have been saying since March I want everything checked. I knew something wasn’t quite right.

I have surgery Wednesday to make 100% sure everything is removed. Not nervous about the’s the damn covid test that scares me.

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