Covid Vaccines...

So I’ve been really Leary of this covid vaccine that was mysteriously developed overnight.

I was eligible for the thing awhile back...but I didn’t want to be the first to get poked and be zombified.

Been watching all the news regarding the vaccines, and the efficacy, and just all the data and testing. It’s all just mind blowing, and you hear about this new RNA vaccine.

So - they’re just rushing out this new type of vaccine ... hoping it works? No ma’am. Not for me.

Trey in my head...don’t believe everything you hear.

I started researching and reading. That’s where I found out about Kati Kariko. Ms. Kariko has been studying RNA All of her life. She was the the back of the lab - doing her own thing. She never really received any grants for her work, as it was deemed looney tunes. Other scientists that new her work claimed she was RNA obsessed and the crazy out on the fringes.

Dr Fauci knew her work and also admitted to thinking she was in left field and obsessed. Politics aside mRNA was given the green light LAST year very early on...and all of her research for many many years is the basis for the Covid 19 moderna & Pfizer vaccines.

So...everything you hear about how rushed everything was...not true at all. She has been the crackpot in the back row researching something everyone else deemed unnecessary and useless.

Underdog saves the world? I love a good underdog story.

Go get your damn shot.

here’s the Article...NEW YORK TIMES

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