Disney 2.0

Been MIA for awhile. Didn’t mean to be…this is just a hard hard time of year for me.

We were always busy this time of year…family visiting, traveling, something was always going on.

This past week we have been in Orlando all week with my cousin Anna, and her family. It somehow went from ‘hey we are going to disney in June can we stop by and see ya? To we hijacked their vacation…and invited ourselves along.

We just happened to be able fo get the campsite next to theirs…so there was no getting rid of us.

Trey and Benton had spent 2+ years watching everything they could about the new Star Wars section of Disney. Trey was so excited to see it all. So there was a lot of worry about how hard all of Disney would be. Especially since we have gone yearly for the last many years. It was different. The entire experience was different.

First stop…Star Wars. Talk about jumping right in the deep end.

My knowledge of Star Wars is … well pathetic. Luke somebody, Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, and some furry monkey thing, and a princess… and they go to space? Was never really my thing. But, Trey and Benton would have discussions about it for days… they talked about building a light saber thing many many many times. Watched about the rides over and over again. They knew about the food that was going to be served, every detail they could find out.

I had little interest. In any of it.

However, the night we pulled into Disney all Anna & Prems boys could talk about was Star Wars. It was engulfing. Their excitement, and passion for what was to come. Benton was scheduled to build a light saber with them. They were just as excited as he was to build one. They tried asking me about it…and I was like 🤷🏻‍♂️isn’t it just a plastic tube on a flashlight?

I was not cool enough to know that every piece you select has some weird meaning. And the crystal you choose has all these different meanings - or who used them. I basically was the spare tire of the trip. I had no clue about anything. They all knew everything about everything. Benton was the coolest person ever.

After dinner it poured…so we sat on the porch to wait it out. And then benton started playing Cowboys, and ninja With the boys. Everyone else ceased to exist. It was all over. We walked home in the rain…and every other word was Mister Benton? Mister Benton?

And then it was Star Wars Day. I spent a lot of time alone that day. In my head. I didn’t want to get a scooter … because I didn’t want to be that person. So I had my walker, and walked 7 miles that day. I spent 4 hours in the car that afternoon sleeping. I just way overdid it. But, the boys and Benton were so excited…so I just enjoyed my nap.

I really started to question coming on this trip. I didn’t want to be the spare tire that everyone had to drag around. I didn’t want to be lost in my head overthinking every single thing.

So for Epcot I just decided I would get the scooter and suck it up. And try to just focus on the now, and not think, or focus on what was. It was a much better day. I stayed with everyone, and not in my head the whole day. Even being in Epcot where it’s totally filled with memories … it was a better day. The boys totally had what they wanted to do figured out. They would always ask what we wanted to do. Constantly. Did not matter, we were along for the ride. I’m pretty sure we rode every ride at Epcot…including Fast Track … and it broke. First ride I’ve ever had to be escorted off behind the scenes. But, we tried to ride it again twice more. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday was an off day. No parks. Anna made breakfast for everyone… and we went to the pool. I had a strawberry daiquiri, or part of one…and I do not remember the rest. I was OUT. I wanted to take everyone out to dinner since we hijacked their vacation … Joah wanted to go to Disney Springs… so we went. But couldn’t eat there. I had made back up reservations at Cafe TuTu Tango…which Missy took Trey and I to probably 20 years ago. I knew they had good food, and plenty of vegetarian for Joah. Plus a belly dancers…his favorite. I don’t know how much food we ate. I just know at the end Prem was like NO MORE!!!

That’s basically how the trip ended. NO MORE. We all hit a wall. Hard. We rode basically every ride at Epcot, animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom. The plan was to always go in order, and make our way around the park … the plan never worked. At animal kingdom we walked in so many circles and back tracked so much we probably walked the park 10 times. Same at magic kingdom. But, everyone got in what they wanted to get in.

Overall I’m glad we vacation crashed their vacation. It was a lot of fun, and the perfect distraction from what life has become. I’ve known Anna for 43 years…but nothing like what I know now. I’ve met Prem and the boys once before. Bentons met everyone once before. And this morning Joah was like I hope we can start coming to visit more often. And Anna was saying how we need to meet up and camp.

Last night eating RV charcuterie, and drinking Dranks on the porch watching the first test fireworks at Disney since covid was pretty special. Nothing fancy…just the plastic wrapped summer sausage and cheese and crackers … but it really reminded me of family from back when I was a kid. Something I haven’t really had in a long long time.

I swear a couple of times Aunt Anita was right there with us. Anna would give that look. The look of impending doom. You wanna test me one more time Sir? And whatever was happening all would stop. Except for me. It always made me laugh…oh Anna. You look just like your mother. Little Eli would do random little things that just 100% reminded me of uncle Anthony. It was crazy. I found out if you ever need CPR don’t rely on Anita. She’ll just blow in your face and scream Don’t you die on me Dammit!!!

I also realized that we are the same age as Aunt Donna was when she passed. We are our parents. How???

I’m headed home after this weekend to start packing for the next trip…and packing for India. So we are ready when Prem says go.

Not kidding. I could go on a food tour of India for months.

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