Everything had changed - part 1

Everything had changed. Except for Trey. Trey was a strong person. He was always more concerned with others.

He had had his moments of being gripped by fear...but those were few and far between. In November of 2019 Trey had bought a new collection of books from the Bible. Until then he had used an app on his phone for the Bible (an app.-very Trey). He never wavered in his beliefs...he was just not an outwardly spiritual person, far more private. Those new books are beautiful, and next to my bed now-as they’re the last thing Trey read.

I’m trying to not focus on this last week...it’s hard, but I’m trying to remember all of Trey. Not just this time last year. It’s post stroke so it’s clearest in my mind, but...the more I remember the less it becomes.

Today was the day Treys hospice nurse came. I don’t remember her name. But,

She was amazing at what she does. I was lost that day...I think we all were. I know Brenda and Tommy were here. We met with the nurse, Trey liked her. He was pretty good that day. He didn’t want a bed when asked. But, he was okay with wearing oxygen...as long as that machine was not in the room.

This is gonna sound weird...but after Tuesday’s nightmare, Wednesday gave me hope. Almost as if we were in the eye of the hurricane, a chance to breathe.

But then the Attorney showed up. I wanted nothing to do with anything. I had to get out of the house. It was all too much. I was back to this isn’t happening...this isn’t happening...this isn’t happening.

I had to leave the house so quickly that I just left my mom here. I had to leave.

I remember being on river road waiting for benton and a delivery truck. My legs gave out...but I knew I was about to fall. I was able to turn just enough so I didn’t fall in the rocks-I fell into a bed of pine straw. I remember just laying there waiting for someone to notice. The smell of pinestraw, the crunchiness under me. Just waiting.

I remember Trey eating lunch. He was doing much better. When we got home Tommy & Brenda were gone, or left. I feel like I remember telling Tommy I had fallen In the pine straw. I don’t know what was going on.

My mind was not right. In any way. Like in any way shape or form.

I’ll continue this later.... for now...

Lemme go back...quite a few years. When Brenda was in the hospital with her recent unpleasantness Trey had decided they were retiring. Totally. And right then. I remember the first time she came in after the hospital...Trey was like ummmm no ma’am. What are you doing here? Not quite like that at all...but he had decided Brenda’s days of stress and computer solitaire were over. He would still talk to them about everything in the office...he just loved them traveling...exploring...enjoying life.

It’s funny because we used to keep track of them by the gas bills. Big fancy was thirsty. I used to approve all of the bills for payment...everytime big fancy hit the road Treys eyes would bug out of his head and say good lord. Where are they now? They need to come back...gas too expensive up there. Or he’d say good lord, are they using supreme? He would call Brenda now and then while signing checks. But I don’t think he ever once said anything...just wanna hear how they were doing.

He never cared at all. In any way. He would always clap his hands together like he was about to preach a sermon...and tell me to SELL SELL SELL. I would always say I don’t do sales. And he would say...well then I’ll Sell, you just have to tighten up these jobs, and finish em up.

Trey should have been a motivational coach, or speaker. He really was...in his head...always talking to himself, or no one in particular.

He was always trying to teach somebody something. It didn’t matter if they were interested or not. He was going to teach you. Step by Step. Until you got it. He was a good teacher, had the patience of everything...well, I guess it’s best said this way...he had the patience of a Tommy Strock.

VERY PATIENT...to a point. After that...here gimme that. And they’ll do it for you. And then say there...next this this and this. Wasn’t that easy? ...well you just did it all for me...so yes that was easy...

OR you get the other version... ‘strocketized’

Brenda in what Trey called her strocketized office. It was a total mess. BUT...Brenda knew where everything was

This is a whole book...I’ll try to summarize. (They all do this. It’s not a Tommy thing, not a Brenda thing, a Trey thing, or even a Missy thing...it’s a strock thing). It’s not even bad, or wrong. It’s not frustrating, or anything like that. It’s just the way things are. Cause that’s the way they are.

How do I describe this without it sounding bad? Because really it isn’t bad...it’s just.....interestingly funny.

Take something simple 2+2. Equals 4...right? Well now let’s look at it this way.......10+10=20 20\10=2 do that twice turn around and jump...and you got 4. Not really. But yes...things have been done a certain way for centuries....BUT I think I have a better way. OR...oh I could do that myself...cheaper, and better.

4X the original cost later...tada. Done.

I can not even tell you how many times I heard this...oh I can do that...just need to run to the Tool store real quick.

I can hear Tommy Strock now...I don’t do that. What is he talking about, not me that’s Trey. And likewise I can hear Trey saying the exact opposite...sounds like my dad.

They were the same.

“I just gotta fix this one little thing right here...just not happy with it. It’s gonna drive me nuts til it gets done”

A month later...new welder, router, planer, saw, jackhammer, paint sprayer, etc etc etc(insert any tool needed at the time) it was done.

Especially in Treys case...that welder may never be used again....but by god in a welding emergency we are prepared.

You wanna see a good show...get two or more Strocketizers together. Mercy.

We used to have weekly meetings. In the conference room and have lunch...in the office. We had meetings every day at lunch...but Wednesdays were different. Trey wanted the meetings...I always called it the Trey power hour. I’m not joking at all here...almost every Wednesday Trey had new ideas...some new sales pitch...we are gonna change the way everything is done. Revolutionize EVERYTHING. If they’d just listen. He would prepare himself all week. Get real excited about something, have it all figured out. Be ready to ‘Present it to the Board’. The board in this case was always Brenda. Had to sell Brenda on the idea. And then everything would be golden.

The one I remember the most is Trey wanting to set up a 401k at the office. He had done so much research, had it all figured out. Everything...had found the best place to handle everything. He had it all. Very excited about it...a way to make money and save money. She spent all night Tuesday night trying to sell me on the idea. Told me to think like Brenda - so he could practice.

He spilled his sales pitch for at least an hour. And then said ‘Well. What do you think?’

As Brenda?

Yes he said

‘That sounds good....But, No.”

We fought over that all night. He told me I didn’t know his mom and she would be so open to it...she would probably run down the street chasing them with money.

I was like ‘okay Trey. 1.Your mom hates doing payroll so much we only get paid once a month. 2.This is a lot more work cutting into her day 3. She hates payroll.

He swore I was wrong.

Next day...our meeting. His big proposal.

And guess what...Brenda laughed and said No. not only that. She was done eating. Meeting over.

It was so funny it still makes me laugh today. I tried to tell Trey. But he would have none of it. She was gonna see the light. His dreams of a Costco 401K were crushed. He was so mad for the rest of the day. Crushed, and quitting...he needed to go somewhere and get a real job.

Next day...everything’s normal. What’s for lunch?

Craziness. But, it was always interesting. The Trey Power Hour...followed by...I’ll think about it, no...or the death sentence ‘that sounds good’

I’d always say I was gonna give Trey a gold star for effort. He would get so flustered, but then what’s for lunch tomorrow?

And Onto next week...

***okay sorry, I got way distracted with this story. I don’t even know where I was going with all this. I’ll have to continue this later...my brain needs a rest. ******PPS...I’m going to be in trouble for this picture, again. But Trey always kept it in the den by the TV. It was his favorite. And, describes a period in life so perfectly.

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