Everything had changed. Part 2

So if you didn’t read part 1 go start there first.

Back to where Trey did not want his parents worrying about the business. He wanted them focused on them.

Anyhow...Trey loved getting the gas bills. He loved seeing his parents scoot along wherever they were.

One thing you need to know about Trey... he loved a ruckus...he would moan and groan and canterwallop all about the office...why? Who knows.

Oh goodness

Oh gracious




Oh me....

....oh my

What are we gonna do?

How is this possible?

......tapping that foot. Looking at his phone. Kicked back in the chair. Reading the news (at this point he’s being ignored...so he quiets down)

Then out of nowhere the tragedy strikes again. This time with more Ghusto. (Usually he heard Tommy just pull up, and he’s at the door or in the lobby waiting)

Wide eyed, and over the top. Waiting at the door. ....Tommy, or Brenda, or whoever he’s waiting on walk in ‘well where ya been???? It’s almost 11, and I’m HUNGRY!!

I’m going to miss those sideshows the most. Anybody else remember Trey walkin around singing ‘monorail, monorail, MONORAIL....’, or clapping his hands together and saying ‘well what ya got?

Or when he knew something no one else knew yet?

‘I got a secret.....’

Oh. What is it Trey???

His fingers would be doing his little secret finger dance thing...he had to get you worked up.

What is it Trey?

‘Well...It’s a secret...I can’t just tell’

You’d know he was:

A. Waiting for a bigger audience (Brenda to come in). Or

B. He didn’t really have a secret, and was bored or hungry.

The office was the worst gossip central. It’s where gossip reigned...fir five seconds, and that’s about all we could handle. Big Juicy Gossip didn’t last long...all the excitement, and then on with the day. Unless it was about us...

Oh park circle...

Brenda was WELL known for driving the sequoia...she liked to pretend she was the winner of the Indianapolis 500 nascar nuclear fuel dune buggy race. Sequoia=Brenda That truck was bigger than anything. It’d come flying down the street, leaving dust in the wind, and heads spinning wondering ‘who is that?’

Pull up to the office...and out would get Brenda...looking like she had just left the Junior league garden club chapter meeting nice as can be...Not like she had just burned rubber from her doorstep to the office... so everyone knew the sequoia was Brendas.

Brenda got a new car...’princess’. The business kept the sequoia...at our house. So naturally the rumor in the circle was that Strock was doing so bad...that Tommy and Brenda had to move in to our house. Living in the garage. The garage part may have come from Trey. He loved the absurdity of the circle so much he had to add to it.

Good lord. I don’t know where I’m going again. Work and life were so much fun...it’s easy to get lost in memories.

Incredibly long story short...Trey wanted his parents retired and happy. If he didn’t have to get them involved at work he didn’t. When he was diagnosed with cancer none of that changed. I think the first question was...what can we do? The answer same as always. Nothing. Go on your trips...we got this.

Trey was probably the most selfless man I have ever known. Everybody always talks about how fancy we live, and traveled. First things first...Trey didn’t spend money. He loved auctions, he loved the deals. He loved nice things, but honestly a LOT of our house are family things, or auction items. 10 years ago we bought a new sofa for the den. Before that it was Treys parents old couch. 4 years ago we bought the couch for the living room. After the den was paid off. Just last year (2019) for Christmas Trey bought dining room chairs. For ten years we used an old set he bought really cheap at the auction. One was broke. We always just made what we had work. We both liked nice things, so we just took care of everything.

Traveling...mercy. Trey liked to travel. But never crazy or exotic. I can find a deal. And I will get it. We never traveled on credit cards. Trey had one credit card that he used, but not for travel.

We really just lived within our means. Treys favorite commercial was that guy riding his lawnmower smiling and he says I’m in debt up to my ears. He thought people were insane. Going on big fancy trips and everywhere.

We were supposed to leave on February 17th on a cruise...our first real ‘vacation’...my stroke canceled all that.

Trey always wanted to work. Work wasn’t ‘work’ so the need for ‘vacations’ wasn’t there. Vacations were for retirement.

So, we made work work, and Trey honestly worked way longer than he needed to. I made it so that he could work from home. At any time, in any capacity he wanted. Moved all of our servers online so he had access...April would bring stuff back and forth to the house...we made it work. The more Chemo the stricter I got.

Through the entire time Trey never wanted to be a bother to his parents. Ever.

When I had the stroke everything changed. It had to. But, in my head we were still on the don’t bother the Strocks path. I was insane...talking to benton about the jobs in the hospital...wanting to know everything. I felt bad because I’m my head Trey was having to work everyday. I thought that’s why he was always so tired. I’d tell him to go home and get some rest...make benton and April do it.

I couldn’t process that Tommy was helping benton, or any of that. I remember the day that Trey told me they had been helping out...I told him to check me out. I was fine. I could handle it. In my head I was ruining everyone’s lives by being in the hospital.

After Trey came home and hospice started i don’t even know what happened. Remember that nascar nuclear dune buggy? I felt like I was in that with no seat belt. I didn’t know what was going on. I was losing everything. I felt like no one even noticed. Things were happening so fast and so sudden that I was literally having a melt down. I was angry at everyone, and everything. If it MOVED I would attack. I knew what was happening. But, if anyone mentioned it, implied anything, or acknowledged the reality I would explode.

I know everyone was trying to protect me and make things easier...but in my head I could still do everything. The guilt of the Strocks have to worry about anything was and is immense. It was the worst time imaginable...and having to deal with all of everything...it was just mentally too much. I will forever be sorry for all of that. For every bit of it. All of the circumstances all at once...it was not fair to anyone in any way.

Normally getting out of the hospital is a good thing. For all of us it was oh happy day and then pure hell. Well for me at least. I was blindsided. Others may have seen it coming.

Today was Thursday last year. Trey was doing Okay. Resting a lot. Still did not want to see anyone. The nurse called snd told me she was having the oxygen delivered. Was I sure I didn’t want a bed? I could not say yes. I called Brenda and asked her. I didn’t know what to say. She thought it would be easier.

So I moved Trey to the living room, and I feel like Benton cleared out Treys room alone. I think I cleaned. I’m not sure. All I know is by the time the delivery got here it was all ready. I had benton and my mom make the bed just the right way with the right sheets that Trey liked, and I think someone even Ironed them for him. I just know it was a mad dash so the second Trey said he wanted to go lie down he could.

I have no idea how any of that day happened. That was also the day I needed to do payroll transfers. And Trey could not remember his password. He kept giving me his old old old password. Brenda, Benton, and I went flying to the bank.

Just like always. We got it done. I honestly don’t even know what the rush was...we could have just written April her check and been okay. But, it was payroll day.

I hate that the strocks had to deal with work, and all of this nightmare. But, I honestly have no clue what would have been done if they weren’t there. And still there today.

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