Is the excitement gone?

A lot has happened recently. This past weekend we went up to black mountain, and got notice the camper had shipped.

Both are exciting. Both something to look forward too...but then reality smacks you upside the head, and it’s almost like the excitement is gone. Well not gone...but it’s just hard to be excited anymore.

Going up to black mountain was hard. It’s the first time I’ve been back since Treys birthday 10 years ago. Trey LOVED black mountain. His favorite was a toss up between there and the highlands (they had a spa). So just being in the mountains was hard. Everywhere we went it were memories of Trey.

Sally and Emmit were there and Emmit certainly kept my mind off of things for the most part. I have not laughed so hard in over a year. That kid is something else...12 going on 25. Smart as whip, and he doesn’t miss a thing. It reminded me of years ago Trey and I went to IOP to have dinner with sally...

And ended up watching and listening to Emmit skateboard and tell us all these facts that he knew about government, past history, current politics...everything.

Sally is good for Emmit. Emmit is good for sally. It’s a win win situation.

It was nice to get away...even if for just a few days. But, it’s just so different. I don’t feel like I should be eating good food...I can’t tell Trey about it, and say we have to go back to get it. I don’t feel like I should be having a good time...I’ll catch myself and think, damn, I wish Trey were here. Everything just has that constant reminder attached to it.

Looking out at how many more lights there are on the mountain now, how much thats changed...showing benton everything, and everywhere Trey loved. It’s all so bittersweet.

While in the mountains we got the notice that the camper shipped. Very exciting’s been 6 or so months...but then I was thinking Trey would have probably loved it. Air conditioned camping, and a bed. I probably could have gotten him to go camping. He certainly lay would have liked it better than the rolling mansion of the RV.

Things are just so different. I guess that’s unavoidable, and just a new feeling that will take some getting used to.

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