It’s all about the gravy boat...

One of Treys most prized possessions was his Grandmother Johnny’s Franciscan Ivy dinnerware. If you’ve eaten at our house chances are you’ve seen it.

It was very random when Trey would want to use it...he would just say ‘let’s use the ivy tonight’ or whenever we were having a big dinner I’d pull it out. We used it all the time. All the time.

It was always just ‘Johnny’s Ivy’...and we always were careful with it - had that green sharpie marker at the ready, always(more on that later)....but one weekend I was folding laundry so I had I love Lucy playing throughout the house.

Trey came in from yard work...and stop the presses. There on LUCY was Johnny’s Ivy. it was late breaking news. Trey just knew we had something...his grandma was a trendsetter she had the same place settings as Lucy. The entire collection.

Every single time it was on the Lucy show Trey would just scream all throughout the house ‘IVY’

Always very careful with the clue what it’s worth, just has always had a ton of sentimental value. day I must have dropped the gravy’s handle had a chip right on the green band. I SWEAR I did not drop the gravy boat at all.

I am not all...I was almost kicked out that day. Oh Jesus mercy. There were fireworks that was like the nightly show at Disney world...just not all coordinated and beautiful.

I still have my messages with Mary Ann somewhere where we would talk on Facebook, send recipes back and forth, and talk about people....I messaged her in a total panic about how to fix this fiasco. I was panicking. Trey was having a holy meltdown. He made me clean the entire kitchen looking for the piece that broke so we could glue it back on....I found NOTHING.

Now Trey and I fought over this for years. I UNLOADED the dishwasher...guess who loaded it? TREY. Who’s the gentlest dishwasher loader in the world? Trey (CLANG CLANG GOES THE TROLLEY) But, there is NO WAY that he could have chipped the gravy boat. NONE.

The gravy boat was destroyed. So Trey had to order another. For $225.00. A gravy boat...that Johnny probably bought with greenbax stamps back in the day. Trey never let me forget that gravy boat. Ever.

After he had ordered the replacement, and tossed the ‘destroyed’ gravy boat in the trash...Mary Ann called me back.

Laughing Mary Ann told me to go get me a green sharply marker, and color in the chip. She was laughing because in my message to her I made it sound like something terrible awful had happened. To her it was no big deal. Just color it in. She told me to go through all the plates and look at em. ‘Mama tried nail polish, everything...but green sharpie was her favorite’

So I dug the ‘destroyed’ gravy boat out of the trash...colored it in, and it was perfect. I put it away to surprise Trey.

And forgot about it.

Treys replacement came...and he threw it in the storage for those plates. Problem...the replacement also has a chipped handle, that they also filled in with Green Sharpie.....

So. Now you know why we always had two gravy boats on the table. And Trey always swore it was my fault...even after he inspected every piece of China to see everywhere that Johnny had ‘fixed’ them.

From then on if Trey got a plate that had been fixed...he called them Johnny plates. Not the gravy boat though...he made sure everyone knew I had broken it but tossing it across the kitchen.

It’s ALL about the gravy boat.

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