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Y’all don’t even know the significance of this day. Seven years ago. Oh mercy. My heart still stops just thinking about this. It was a perfectly calm day. It was the third time everything was potentially scheduled...but Trey had called it off twice because of the weather. That day was totally calm. Nothing moved.

I can not even explain or describe the amount of planning, coordination, drawing, measuring, redoing everything OVER and OVER and OVER this took.

Trey was a miracle man. The other night Tommy said Jokingly - that Trey knew everything.

Well. He did. And if he didn’t know it, he would study it til the cows come home-learn it, and teach a course on it by the end of the day.

Trey was incredible. He was ALWAYS thinking of ways to do something. make money. new inventions. new ideas. new ways to do things - make them easier. make money. Figure things out. Make money. Make anything easier, and more productive. Make money. Monorail.... MONOrail.... MONORAIL.

*if you’ve ever heard Trey talk about a new ‘idea’ whether it be good, or bad....you know his little ‘monorail’ production/song and dance that he stole from the Simpsons....

Treys brain never stopped. And I mean NEVER. He was constantly thinking up new ideas. CONSTANTLY.

This is how crazy it was...

I’ve already talked about how long it took for Trey to get ready...let me tell you a little bit more.

Trey was a fairly vain person. Not in a bad way...he just always ALWAYS cared about appearance. You would NEVER see Trey out looking a sloppy mess. EVER. He never ran to the grocery in house clothes, or house shoes. Always dressed. And normally it HAD to be ironed. Unless it was an emergency.

....that last time we left the house to go see the dr for that last appointment, he asked if I thought it would be okay if he went in his pajamas. I knew right then. I don’t think I was ready to admit it. But, I knew....

Treys mind NEVER stopped - getting back to getting ready...he had a scalp massage brush/shampoo massage thing that he would brush through his hair while shampooing his hair. It was supposed to stimulate hair growth so that he wouldn’t go bald. I think he used it too much. Haha. I would always tell him he’s rubbing the hair away, not helping it... Anyhow while massage his head while shampooing he would always come up with a new idea. But, being Trey, he would forget by the time he got out of the shower.

FOREVER we would try different things to make him remember...to the point I even had markers in the bathroom for him so he could write on the wall. Nope, didn’t like that. Looked dirty. Got a small dry erase board...nope. He wanted some paper so he could take the note with him....found waterproof note pads...nope. He didn’t like ANYTHING.

So he then got this idea...from his sister(?) I’m not sure where...

He would ‘attach his thoughts to an object, and toss that object out of the shower.... to remind himself about said thought ... later, after the shower’.

The go to Memory machine Only $1.99

Does that make any sense? Because it does to me, I’m not sure I’m explaining this right. Anyhow he started throwing stuff out of the shower to remember things. I am not kidding. Somedays I’d go in the bathroom, and it looked like the shower had exploded.

His scalp massage shampoo thing was ALWAYS on the floor, shampoo bottle - on the floor, loofah- on the counter, bar of soap - in the sink. Just anything. If it was in the shower it was coming out. I’d go in and clean up the mess. He would go to the office while I got ready.

I would go into the office and ask him - why’d you throw out the scalp thing today? Inevitably, he would sit back in his BIG comfy executive expensive office chair - do some little excited dance thing, clap his hands, and be like OH YEAH...I gotta do this(flip his day planned open Scribble a note, and go back to what he was working on) or he would say ‘ya hungry?’ ... and I’d say Trey...it’s 8:30 am. And then he’s go back to work.

So ALLLLLL OF THAT. Just to remind himself of something. And honestly usually it would be a reminder that he needed to call JimBoBillyBoyBob about who knows what.

On days the shower had exploded(more than one object) I knew....oh boy, today’s gonna be a long day. It’s funny how addicted he had gotten to attaching thoughts snd ideas to an object. It makes no sense to me...I throw something out of the shower, and later I forget why I threw it out - and now I’m mad I have to pick it up. Not Trey, it worked for him.

Anyhow all that just to tell you that’s how he planned and figured everything out. If his brain couldn’t stop, I would always tell him to go take a shower .... two hours later, all calm.

He planned out entire jobs in the shower, he would design jobs and come up with ideas in the shower. He planned this entire job in the shower over months of preparation. He prepped, and planned for NONTHS for this job that we had to have all completely done in one day. Cut the roof open, raise a clerestory window up onto a 5 story building, flash it and waterproof everything...all in one day. It was a lot. Oh...and did I mention this was all while people are living in the building? The amount of insurance we had to get for that one days work would blow your mind.

All planned out in the shower, with mental notes attached to a shampoo Brush.

But anything could be attached to that damn scalp massager.

  • Install a ‘cat fan’ by the litter box. That was motion activated so that when biscuit did her business the fan turns on. the cat fan is still there.

  • Multiple reminder attachments to call people

  • Christmas ideas

  • Any/every random thought he could have.

Way way back when I met Trey he had an idea for business incubators. Where he would supply the office space, a secretary, abs meeting space for businesses that are just starting out. I thought he was crazy, everyone thought he was nuts. But now business incubators are everywhere....Trey thought about that at least 30 years ago...

Probably in the shower.

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