Just Thinking...

I miss Trey. Not just plain miss him because he’s gone...I miss everything about him. I miss how he challenged every single thought I had, and even when I changed-and started to think the opposite way...he’d challenge that.

Many many years ago there was a radio host on 1250 WTMA - Neal Boortz. He wasn’t liberal, he wasn’t conservative. He was libertarian I think. He just was. He had the best show...just stupid nonsense. BOO GOT SHOT...AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT...all that stuff. One thing boortz, and Trey would always say...don’t believe ANYTHING you read in the media. No matter where your getting it from its tilted-left or right. Research the facts and form your own opinion.

Trey was addicted to the news. ADDICTED. Not as in a news junkie...as in he researched EVERYTHING. No one I have Ever known was so informed...he knew all sides of everything - and then he made his opinion. He was like that about everything. Some things surprised me...some did not.

The only ONLY time I feared talking about politics, or anything of the type was with Missy. Oh boy.

Talk about two stubborn Jack Nuggets.

They would each take their positions...and DIG IN. HOLY MERCY. normally Trey would give and take - Missy too... but, one on one it was like they seriously went to battle. Like armor up...and go at it. From the outside looking in it was INSANE. Healthy I guess...but insane. I remember needing intense therapy after their discussions. And Trey would ALWAYS be like ‘what’s wrong?’

I’m standing there thinking Missy is going to come murder us in our sleep. He’s super relaxed and falls asleep like a baby. Not a worry in the world.

I think, no I’m sure Missy was the only one that could challenge him and get away with it. I know missy was the only person that could challenge and change the way he thought about things. He loved it.

Everytime we would go to Atlanta or when missy would come here it was exciting. But...I always knew the time was gonna come everytime.

Trey was a button pusher. He LOVED pushing that button, and he ALWAYS knew where it was on everyone. He Would push me button over and over and over and over. He knew when I needed to release pressure. He knew how to get everyone worked up...I think he enjoyed it, not in a sick way...but he liked challenging people. Anytime he felt like getting into a discussion with missy he brought up education. The topic would come up...and I’d leave the room.

He loved it. I think what Trey loved was being challenged, maybe it wasn’t challenging people. He loved to think...and he loved thinkers.

I will never forget those discussions he had with his sister. I will never forget so many things. That’s why I’m so intent on writing everything down...I am so scared of losing my memory - this way I’d I do I can at least sit back and read about them.

Memories are everything. They’re all we have...all we are.

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