Living with weird hospital hallucinations and Disney…

A year ago I said it was all still hard to believe, and I was waiting to be woken up and realize I was stuck in some crazy psycho hospital dream.

A year later and here I still am. Waiting.

We left this morning to head to Disney with my cousin Anna Banana and her family(if she’s reading this she’s currently rolling her eyes) it’s the first time returning to Disney since March 2019 with Trey.

That was such a fun Trip. I feel like we knew it would be the last trip to Disney. Trey wanted to go to animal Kingdom instead of Epcot. I made him use a scooter to conserve energy. And he was NOT happy. Until we got to the park…and he loved that thing.

It worked, he lasted all day and didn’t get too tired. It really was a great day. We ate at the most expensive Disney restaurant available…and Trey loved it. It was the quickest trip because I wouldn’t let Trey do anything. I didn’t want him to get too tired, or anything. But, we had a great time grilling Steaks, and just enjoying.

Packing for this Trip was hard. Packing for anything without Trey is hard…I still have the urge to pack EVERYTHING in the house. Trey always believed if we had the luggage it should be used. It drove me nuts…but now I have to stop myself from doing the same thing. This morning I caught myself packing up the lotion and creams bag…all I needed was sunscreen. When I realized what I was doing I scared myself. Put it all back, and forgot the sunscreen.

We are doing the super sized grand Disney tour, every park (except the water parks) and oddly I think the hardest will be a park I’ve never been to. Disney Hollywood Studios (Star Wars)

For the last 3 or 4 years Trey had followed every update, every detail, everything about the opening of Star Wars. He and Benton were so excited about it. And he wanted to go so bad. Trey was NEVER a movie nerd/collector … but when the light saber workshop was announced he WANTED to build a lightsaber no matter the cost. He always appreciated the detail Disney goes to so he was very excited to experience all of it. So, all of that will be hard, and exciting at the same time (even though I couldnt tell you anymore than ‘Luke I am your father’ from the movies.

I just have to keep telling myself to live in the now, and to remember the past…but don’t live there.

First Times are hard…and this is a big one.

On the other hand…

525 days ago it was a question whether I would ever wake up again…then if I’d ever walk again. Everything was so uncertain. And here I am headed to a week at Disney. Granted I have my walker just in case, and I plan on using a scooter. But, I’m making it. And the day I get home I start the most extreme diet I could imagine.

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