Memorial Weekend - 2

Had a slow start for a Sunday. Stopped by Boca Vista to see the Strocks.

Over the past year especially it just feels like home. It’s a weird unexplainable feeling...I won’t even try to explain.

Okay I’ll try.

5am March 18, 2020 the world literally stopped for me in so so many ways. I had, and still have virtually no clue what I’m doing. ANYTHING that I have a question about...literally anything...I ask Tommy & Brenda. The AC ducts are sweating, home insurance, can I eat this kinda bread, leasing a car...anything... benton and I both have gotten so dependent on their advice. We have gotten so accustomed to time with T&B.

I am finally gwttjng to the point where I can start going through some of Treys things...there’s nothing that I want to get rid of but there are family things that I know others would appreciate. I found Great Aunt Annie Moons Bible she passed on to Trey. I also found Treys Bible from 1979 from T&B. Both things I didn’t really want to get rid of...but both things that have a lot of meaning. We took those over to boca vista today ... prefaced with-if you don’t want these I want em back. That’s basically how I am with everything Trey - if you want it fine, but if you question it in any way....back. I know it’s ridiculous...but, I’d like to keep all his stuff together.

So we got to catch up with the strocks. See all of Tommy’s newest cutting got educated. When we left mother was crying (no surprise - she’s emotional if you didn’t know) I immediately said ‘oh geez. Don’t start now’ ... because we were headed to the abbey, and that means my emotions are running high.

But then out of the blue she said that going there was hard for her because while I was in the hospital she stayed there because it was across the street. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. The hospital what? I always forget what a mess 2020 was. How much happened in the first three months is insane.

So going by there was literally the last thing on my mind. We had a good visit though and them spent 3 hours at the abbey.

Such a perfect wonderful day... the weather was perfect. The abbey is always perfect. We had lunch with Trey and then walked around a bit until I was tired - I had no walker.

We sat out there and talked for three hours and then made our way to Costco. Besides not going to Savannah it would have been the perfect Trey day...especially if we had gone by Best Buy, or apple.

Mom is the first person that’s stayed here in 437 days. It’s a weird weird feeling. Taking some getting used to. I’m so used to quiet and just benton, the dogs, and I.

Tommorow...The zoo.

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