Monorail... monorail... MONORAIL...

I miss Treys voice. His inflections. His knowledge of everything. His willingness to let you know ... that he knew everything, and if he didn’t know something .... get back to him in 30 minutes. He would teach you a lesson.

It drove me NUTS forever. I could never know more about something. Ever. He had this incredible knowledge base, and he just continually added to it. Always. Some things he knew were useless...most things were not. Somethings you did not even know you needed to know about...but he made sure you knew, and knew why you needed to know.

Trey had an opinion on everything...and usually it was the exact opposite of your opinion. If he thought he was right, and you needed to be taught - he would start the lesson, and by the end of it-you would know why he was right. OR you’d just agree to agree - he hated that. He wanted to change your mind, so just agreeing to agree or disagree was not an option.

I miss the excitement in his voice when he had news, or when he found out some top secret information, or when he heard some local neighborhood gossip. He would get so excited...he would get all theatrical, and you could see it In his eyes...the excitement, the emotion, could see everything in his eyes. He is the one person that could really smile with his eyes. His eyes had every emotion.

One of Treys favorite shows was the Simpsons, I remember watching it when we first met, clear to the end. There was an episode where there was a monorail salesman trying to sell a monorail to Springfield. It was a musical using the score for the music man. He loved LOVED that episode. ANYTIME a city had some stupid idea he would sing and dance ‘monorail, monorail, MONORAIL!!!!’ All he had to do was say those three words, and I knew there was some idiotic inane government nonsense going on.

You have no idea how much I miss that. The simple little things. His excitement, his eyes, his everything. It’s so hard to just accept that it’s all gone. It still doesn’t feel like reality...and I still find myself waiting to hear him singing and dancing ‘monorail, monorail, MONORAIL!!!

Just thinking about Trey makes me smile.

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