Not so Happy Campers…

This year has been tough. To say the least.

A lot of good has come out of it, and I’m trying to stay focused on that for the most part.

  • Recovery is going well, way better than I ever expected. I’m getting around as much as possible - doing everything I can. About to go to the gym 3 times a week.

  • Bentons going to school full time(and loving it), and still working to make sure all the bills are paid.

Next week is our 1 year anniversary. And while it is like oh hey, it’s a year!!…it also isn’t...for obvious reasons.

It’s like a very bittersweet messed up memory. Something that I am beyond grateful for…I mean who else can really say they have a benton?

The guys been through hell. His own crazy family issues(mostly his mom-🤣😂🤣. I’m gonna get a text as soon as she reads that)...its NOT his all BTW...

But, then he came to work at Strock - and somehow got involved in helping me to take care of Trey during the entire process. AND then I fell out and had a stroke. And he picked up what he could, did what he needed to…and told Trey we had taken care of him through cancer…he wasn’t going anywhere, and he would make sure we were both okay.

Things of course didn’t work out that way. But, Benton has always kept that promise of making sure I was okay. He goes to school, works, and makes sure I make it to the gym, drs, whatever else I need. If he’s not at school, or working then he’s at home helping me in the yard with things I can’t do, or doing laundry, and studying.

SO - he has a long weekend next weekend. We were planning on packing up Phyllis and heading to North Carolina for two nights. Just a nice chance to get away. And relax - something that isn’t done very often.

Then we get the email.

Happier Camper-Technical

Service Bulletin.

This can’t be good…

The hinges on the rear hatch are prone to cracking…

Check the hatch thinking oh it’s fine....nope CRACK.

WELL…we ain’t going nowhere, until they send us new hinges-and someone to replace them.

Not a risk I would ever take - because if it could happen, it’s going to happen to me.

So, no camping for awhile.

I am glad that they let us know and we weren’t driving down the interstate while anything happened. They are having new hinges made, and will have them installed. While they’re working on Phyllis, benton has already given them a list. May as well…

And they’ve extended the warranty for another year, and a lifetime warranty on the rear hatch now.

Not such Happy Campers right now, but overall still Happier Campers.