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May 17th

Man. Nine years ago it must have been a Friday ... we had steak.

Seven years ago we were in Atlanta. The girls stayed the night with us in the hotel. As Harper always said....our house was at a fancy hotel. And she always asked Trey if we could order milk and cookies. She thought that was the craziest thing that he could call and they would bring her food. She always wanted to answer the door - but then she froze, and got shy. The girls would have dance parties or pizza parties, or ice cream parties with uncle Trey. It was always so nice, and fun.

I remember this particular trip to Atlanta because it was in the midst of the frozen take over. Harper was taken over. EVERYWHERE we went she would sing “Let it GO” for us. Over and over and over and over and over. She had wanted her hair braided like elsas...ma’am you don’t have that much hair, and your the ghetto Elsa. But she was happy. Margot was into the movie as well. But not quite as much as Harper. Trey and Harper recorded a music video(stunning), and I have got to find that video...

The girls slept all night. The next morning we went to breakfast in the lobby. We always loved taking the girls to eat...from the beginning. Trey would only go where he wanted to eat...nothing kid friendly. And it was always the same. Whoever is the most behaved gets a dollar...it worked Everytime. Until Harper said one day ‘Uncle Trey you still owe me like $5 or $10’. She said it so matter of factly that Trey didn’t know what to do. I laughed and said well then....now you know she’s paying attention.

We had the best time with the girls. Always.

3 years ago benton and I were doing a project at the airport for Trey. Thinking back on it 3 years ago today was the first time I knew for real something was wrong. The airport was Treys baby. No one touched the airport...and that day he just couldn’t handle it. So, we did, and came home that night and had take out from Jerusalem Cafe.

One year ago is the last time I saw my grandfather. At my Aunt Renees house. It was just before we left Farmington - we had stopped by to see Renees bees. Gram and grandad jumped in the car and were there in 2 seconds with penny. I never in my life imagined that would be the last time I’d see grandad. I remember talking about potato boxes he had just built for Renee.

Still can’t believe that’s the last time I saw him. He passed away 4 months later.

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