Origin Story

My name is Benton. Hello Everyone!

I’m the other guy in the camper, the driver. Throughout this blog I will be posting alongside Thomas-with my thoughts, and experiences through out this journey.

I met Trey, and then Thomas in 2016 when I applied for a job at Strock Design & Remodel. I just applied to everything I could, even with no experience. I wanted a change in my life...so from food&beverage to construction why not?

Not having a clue of all of the challenges ahead of me I jumped in and accepted every challenge thrown at me. I originally started as Treys assistant, so I learned A LOT from him-Trey should have been a professor of some sort(he knew EVERYTHING, and he loved sharing that knowledge). At some point he wanted me to ride along and see how the jobs we had worked on and sold were actually going in real life. That’s where I fell in love with construction. Trey and Thomas helped me more than they will ever know with everything from learning about construction to helping me get my life back in order.

A year after starting to work at Strock my life fell apart. They helped me get my feet on the ground when I ended a very toxic relationship, and had nowhere to go. Trey offered me a room for a couple of months. They soon became a part of my family...in august I was moving out. The night Thomas took Trey to the emergency room I was actually moving out.

I texted Thomas and Trey to let them know I was headed out. Thomas’ response changed everything. All he said was have a good time, we are at the emergency room.

My life changed that day. In so many ways. I was headed to Columbia to hang out with friends, and instead I ended up in the emergency room. Trey and Thomas had become part of my family. I have never had anyone put so much faith and trust in me. Trey worked with me through production managers school, he would test me all the time, and make sense of things when I could not. The first time I tested for the class I failed-and Trey sat down with me and went over every aspect of everything. He reassured me that I could pass, and sure enough the second time I passed. I got a raise, and sunglasses.

So, hearing they were in the emergency room I changed all of my plans and headed down to the hospital. I just know I drove on the way home and sat with Trey in silence while Thomas ran around Charleston trying to get prescriptions filled.

Trey getting diagnosed with Cancer was a ouch in the gut. But, we were the three musketeers taking on life, and going on adventures. After the diagnosis we strapped down and did everything we could to help fight it. Thomas and I used to stay up every night and clean/disinfect the whole house. No matter what was going on we all tried to be optimistic but, there were somedays that were harder than others.

I used to come home everyday and make “Ants on a Log” for a snack, and is take them into Treys room and we would watch his you tube police shows eating kindergarten snacks.

Anytime Trey, or Thomas needed anything I was there.

And then January 13th happened. I had one best friend with Cancer, and one in the hospital-not even sure he was going to make it. I don’t know what happened in that time period. I just know I grew up. A lot. Trey could not be at the hospital a lot because of cancer, and I do remember him saying ‘if your planning on leaving you better leave now. Because it’s going to take a lot to get Thomas Back’. I told him ‘no way. I had stayed to help take care of him, and I was not going anywhere. Y’all are my family’

To say my life has changed because of my application at Strock is an understatement. I am a better person because of Trey Strock, I know I can, and will do anything because of him.

I made a promise to Trey, and I never intend on breaking that promise. His best friend is my best friend.

And someday we will all be the three musketeers on the shelf together again.

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