Remembering ...

Today was a hard day. Brenda said it best when she said it was a nightmare. It really was.

It’s so easy to focus on that. The bad memories of what it was. I know, I do it a lot ... because there is so much in my head that I am still trying to make sense of. It’s a slow process, and nothing helps more than writing it down and talking it out.

But still, that can be quite a lot.

So today I’ve been walking. A lot. And looking through pictures. Remembering the good times. So this really is a lot of pictures of some of the really good times that we me when I say there are a lot more...I just got stuck looking in one album this all Strock road trips...for food.

Yes, when the Strocks retired it was a big adjustment. We no longer had lunch naturally we started taking road trips for food. Near, far, anything worth it...or....just ‘good’

Nothing fancy...and no reason’s just something we did. These are some of those trips. Just some...if I had pictures from everytime we ate.......that’d be a problem.

neveremind I lied. These are just a bunch of pics Ive liked today. Pretty self explanatory. If you have questions.....let me know.

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