Saturday - March 13th

Today was such a good day. It almost felt like a semi normal day. For the first time in a long long time.

Woke up. Benton made he does everyday. Showered, and went to the gym so he could do his little 15 minute workout.

From there came home and I made sandwiches with fresh pumpernickel bread that I had made. Ummmm delicious. Packed up the car and headed to the abbey, which was packed today. Spent a couple of hours sitting at the columbarium looking at all the green about to pop out of the trees, the shrubs, the grass, everything. Listened to all of the birds, watched the butterflies, and bees everywhere. It made me think of Georgia and how she secretly thought she was a bee. She would just sit and watch bees all day long. It really was a beautiful day.

We had lunch at the abbey and finally left around 1. I feel like we are being invaded at the abbey now... but then I remember that’s why Trey and I liked it so much. It’s really not a cemetery it’s this beautiful space that’s so full of life and energy. It literally is everything you think of as the low country. It’s home.

After the abbey we did our usual Boca Vista visit. Except this time it was different. It was exciting...if that’s the right word. It was just different. A totally different energy than it’s been for quite some time. It’s not been bad, I don’t know how to describe it.

Yes I do. Trey used to say I always drug my little storm cloud around with me. Never left home without it. There were all my problems, stresses, and concerns with me....everywhere I went. I kept them all real close. Today it felt like I left them at home.

I was talking to Brenda about my new life alert thing, and some new projects I’m thinking about/working on. We were looking at Tommy’s new hobby....he’s gotta go buy a sander tuesday(I just talked about this trait)...Benton and Tommy were looking through Etsy at the competition. Talking about cooking bee poop...and Trey like no problem.

***Bee poop and Trey were not in the same discussion***

I love talking about Trey like that. Not in an emotional ‘lord help me’ kinda way but just talking about him, and what he did or thought. It makes me happy. We left boca vista after 3, made one delivery...and then I was done. Take me home.

If it doesn’t rain I’ll go on a short walk. The dogs are waiting.

Last year at this time I just remember how excited Trey was to see Harper. I will never forget that. Ever.

We had too many people in the house it was overwhelming. But, good at the same time. Jason, and Sam came by. Sally, and Natalie came by and spent some time with Trey as well.

I don’t even remember from who...but flowers started to arrive the room had tulips, daffodils, and orchids.

Today we took out new plantings to mepkin. Purples(Treys favorite color) and Whites(my favorite color) and as very different Rosemary tree. Rosemary was one of Treys favorite herbs(fresh rosemary on Lamb chops) and signifies remembrance. We always talked about Rosemary.

Thank you for the great day. It’s been a long long time.

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