Three Amigos pt.1

Sometime in August 2016, long…long…long ago.

I was working three jobs and going to film school just trying to make it. Running on barely enough sleep for two years was taking its toll. I was desperate. Sitting around waiting for film gigs to happen was killing me.

I had some downtime one afternoon, so I logged into to apply for anything and everything that I could. Qualified, or not. EVERYTHING. At the time I was living with the biggest mistake of my life, and he had been applying everywhere as well for months, and nothing. I applied to everything I could as fast as I could.

The next day I got two calls. Comcast, and Strock. Telephone operator,and construction assistant. No idea, but I needed the interview practice. First up was Trey @ Strock.

I went into the interview knowing nothing at all about construction. Literally NOTHING. Trey and Pat asked about my experience…ummm I’m a bike delivery driver. And I will work as hard as I can. I figured the interview was over. It was not. Trey asked me a lot of questions. Would I be willing to learn, and retain what I learned? Would I be willing to jump in wherever needed. I remember telling him I knew how to operate a few power tools so if he needed me to build something it may take me a bit but, I would figure it out.

I think at that moment I saw it in Treys eyes. That look of yep. This is the one. I was not cocky about it at all, I just knew that there was a connection at the I’ll do whatever and get it done.

Trey sent me home with two books to read to bring back to him the next Monday. SO, am I hired? ‘We will talk Monday’

I took the books back Monday. He asked if I was still interested in the job…’Yes, but these have nothing to do with construction’ (they were his Sandler Sales books) and he said ‘well. That will come to you in time.’

I had a new job, knowing nothing about it. Hired purely on my work ethic, and willingness to jump into anything. I started work, and the school of Trey right away.

Trey would send me home with books to read every week, as soon as I finished one he would give me another. I started out assisting Trey, with drawings, estimates, typing contracts, sales calls. I was learning a ton, but all from books-I couldn’t wrap my head around everything without seeing it in action. So two days a week Trey sent me out on ride alongs with Thomas. To see the projects that I had helped sale, and work on in action. Everything changed for me.

I loved seeing and doing everything and seeing it all come together. I was hooked. This was no longer just a job to make it by, this was something that changed me, changed the way I looked at everything, changed everything about me.

I was in the most horrible ‘relationship’ possible. Trey & Thomas helped me to realize that, and reevaluate my self worth. I had an apartment on my own, and really just lost my way. I was working 9-5, and then home. Alone. For the first time in YEARS. Going stir crazy being alone, and not having to work 24/7. I had a little breakdown. It was a lot. My family dynamic was changing massively, things I always thought were, suddenly weren’t.

It was February, I had just spent Christmas in New York with Trey & Thomas and Thomas’ family. It was nice. Nice to be included, nice to have fun, nice to be a ‘part’ of a family. That’s really what work was like. It wasn’t ‘work’ it was more like a small weird family.

Thomas and I became good good friends. We have very very eerily similar childhoods. Both of our dads left for other women out of the blue. Both have hard working moms that did what they had to. So really we were all good good friends. I was like Trey and Thomas’ adopted child they never wanted or knew they needed. Trey taught me so so much that I don’t even know where to start. Thomas, just terrorized me, and made me laugh, and think. Trey would teach you, Thomas just expected you to do it right the first time.

So that February I felt comfortable saying ‘I need help. I can’t be alone’ one night at dinner with Trey and Thomas. It was an emotional night getting everything off my chest. It felt good.

Trey said well. I don’t like roommates, but you can stay in the back bedroom for six months and get yourself together.

So, I moved back home with my parents. Or so it felt.

For 6 months I was family, we were as Trey always said…

‘the Three Amigos’

In July we were all going to go on a kayak camping trip. Before it was time to go Trey said no. He wanted Thomas and I to go but he wasn’t camping. We had a great time. Came home, and that’s the very first day any of us noticed anything wrong with Trey. He had been working in the yard, and almost passed out. A month later as I was moving out and planning to help my friend film his movie Thomas rushed Trey to the hospital as I was leaving for Columbia.

I ended up turning around and headed to the hospital, I just had a feeling I needed to be there. I knew Thomas would be going insane. I sat in the waiting room waiting to hear anything. Thomas came out knowing nothing. They were going to do some imaging. We sat there for hours. I sent and got food. As soon as I got back they asked Thomas to go back and see Trey.

I sat there in the lobby holding bags of food. Not knowing anything. Thomas came out first white as a ghost. All he said was ‘they think it may be cancer’

I don’t think Thomas said anything else that night. As soon as we got home he asked me to stay with Trey so he could go get Treys prescriptions filled.

He left. And Trey and I sat in total silence in the living room. It was an odd odd time. Trey told me if I needed to go to Columbia I could go ahead. I just remember saying ‘I’m not going anywhere’.