Twenty Twenty 2?????

No thank you.

Something that Trey was always very very aware of was Goals, and his yearly vision boards.

He was all about Goals.

I was not. I was always just working in the now.

Not Planning ahead. Trey did that, I did the now.

I can’t do that anymore.

I’ve been spinning out of control this weekend. Not knowing what I’m going to do. Not having a plan. Not having any goals, except for getting better…

That’s been a goal long enough. It’s time to move on. I’ve got to stop everything and figure myself out. I spin off with things I want to do, but then I lose steam, and hit a wall.

That and I feel like one of those tv ‘dance moms’ living vicariously through their kids. Benton is in school moving forward in his life…I’m sitting on the couch, and walking.

I know I’m capable of more, and I’m tired of waiting. But, I realize that I have limitations, so I have to figure that all out.

I found the last vision board Trey made, and it made me realize I need to figure mine out. I need to think about, and realize where I am at, and where I am going.

My mind is going on so many different directions that I can’t even focus. I’ve slowed way down on posts here…but I have like 25 different blogs started. I just need to stop, and focus. And figure everything out.

I’ve got to set out some goals, map out a vision for the year, take some time to just breathe, and figure myself out.

So for now,


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