Oh Phyllis...

Everything has changed. Everything.

Phyllis has already drastically changed our lives. Massively. In a week.

Last week we picked her up...spent the night in the Gordon camper lot, and decided to come back this weekend to see Harper Ride in a show.

All week I’ve been cutting grass, and rearranging Phyllis. Ended up removing the kitchen totally forgot this trip...and leaving the rest very basic. Getting out of the house, and contributing in some way is really amazing. Never thought I’d be so excited to cut grass...and it’s not much, but it’s what I can do right now - and it’s not saving THAT much a month but it is saving money.

Life the last few months has changed drastically. We basically only eat at home again...lots of crockpot meals, casseroles, easy for me to make. I’ve started baking our own bread...not that we eat a lot...but I do love a good sandwich with Dill pickle mustard from the abbey, and spinach.

For real though...the excitement of my days are cutting grass, walking, and a sandwich on fresh made pumpernickel bread. Some type of casserole for dinner - always leftovers. I’ve gotten to where I don’t really like to leave the house at all. Visually it’s hard because I naturally want to look out the window...however my brain can’t process the images quick enough. So, I stare at the floor a lot. It’s easier to just stay home, and not deal with any of that.

Having Phyllis at the house is nice because I can pop out, do some yard work, and then take a quick nap in the camper...it’s like I went somewhere. Yes, for excitement and adventure I nap in the driveway.

Since covid - Hotels have not been a favorite. We camped across America twice last year....and as great as that was...the heat just zaps me, and then there’s the set up, and tear down. I was tired before anything. So the search was on for a lightweight, basic camper.

Camper options are Insane. However, the one main thing was...it had to be pulled by the Lesbaru. A new car/second car was out. I also didn’t want something that was going to drop the MPG drastically. The whole point of the trailer would be to save money on hotels - if MPG went crazy...it would be pointless. So right there the options were basically none. There was Casita, and Airstream Nest($$$)...honestly neither one really caught our interest. They’re small(clearly), and fixed(always the same)

So what was important?

Closets? No. But, Storage...yes.

Bathroom/Shower? No.

Kitchen? No. But, would be nice.

Refrigerator? Yep-for yogurt and water.

Table for eating? Yep.

Air Conditioning? YES

That’s really it. One of my biggest aggravations with the whole process was how limiting everything was. The bed was here, closet here, table here. And everything was fixed, once you get it it’s done.....Camp. And ya better Like it.

Why couldn’t I basically have a rolling bed with AC? And then I started searching for all campers Lesbarus can pull. Just ANYTHING.

And I found Happy Camper in Los Angeles of all places...- a very light, simple, but not redneck fiberglass camper.

This may be the simplest camper ever. There are basically no bells or whistles. The entire interior is completely and totally removable. So, it can be used as a covered trailer to move/haul stuff in...it can be hosed down, and drained....or it can be packed full - floor to ceiling in cubes. And there is a toilet option, and a shower option...neither of which we got. We did get the kitchen...because it can be pulled out and used outside, or left at home.

Not only that...it’s only 1,100 pounds. We have lost 1.5 mpg. So we are hovering at 26 mpg now instead of 28. We can still make it to Atlanta on less that a full tank of gas.

The last great thing is it’s so light it can basically be pushed around the yard without driving on my fresh cut grass.