Who’s shaking the Jar? and why?

This has nothing to do with anything. It’s just that Trey always taught me to think, and always ask who’s behind the curtain controlling things? I don’t think there’s ever been a time that I’ve seen things so clearly managed, and controlled in my life.

I really don’t want to get political, because I feel like all of this is so way far beyond politics. It’s about control, power grabs, and seeing how far things can be pushed...from every angle, every point of view, every walk of life. Who can be turned against who, how simple that can be done-and how that can be used to affect a whole separate ‘group’, and how that can then be used to get that group riled up enough to go after another ‘group’...and on and on and on.

Trey always saw this, always. And, I always said he was crazy - and listened to too much ‘talk radio’. He would get so worked up over it that in 2014 we watched no more news on TV, 2015 I made Trey totally stop listening to talk radio. It was insane how quickly his mood changed. Almost immediate. No more news, except what he could look up on the internet - and form his own opinion. Life was great-no more lunatic Glenn Beck, no more opinion television, or radio. His mood skyrocketed. Everything was no longer doom and gloom.

But, then Trey found something that drove him up the wall like nothing else before. Government control, and ‘power’ - locally, and especially within the police. Everyone saw it. Trey was ‘obsessed’ with the police. I honestly think Trey saw things way before anyone else. YEARS AND YEARS ago the mayor of North Charleston Keith Summey paraded himself around park circle in a TANK painted all black that he had bought for the NCPD SWAT team. I remember that day trey was so upset at the government waste. He kept asking WHY do they need a tank? He never stopped asking that.

I’m going to use the NCPD as an example because they’re right here in the backyard and they make all of the inadequacies so blatantly obvious. Soon after the tank was paraded around the circle all of the higher ups with the police were bought blacked out sporty looking SUVs Captain Porkchop, who used to live across the street from the mayor drove one. We would always see him at lunch. In his super fancy tricked out blacked out ride...as soon as roly poly got out the car evened out and you could hear the shocks breathe a sigh of relief...I don’t have any room to talk.

I’m not saying all police, or even most police have issues...I think most are good, decent people. But, a good many have the IQ of a sheep, the brains of a door nail, and do as they’re told. They are the Eric Cartmans of society...RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITY!!! They never got over the fact that they were chosen to be a hall monitor in school, they never moved passed that stage in life. Again not all police are cartmans...but the police have been over taken by them. The have tanks, big fancy powerful cars, they can’t run, or be police...but they look the part. It’s all about optics, perception, intimidation. Why?

The police have gotten more and more powerful over the years - military style, don’t question them, they are the police. Respect the police. And stay in your place. They have the authority, and are the authority...do not question Authority!

When did things change? How did they change? Why did they change?

There used to not be senseless inane police killings in the past. I mean there were-but not weekly, or monthly, or even yearly. Police were not judge jury, and exacutioner - they didn’t have that authoritarian need.

At some point I feel like the deck started getting packed with maroons that could be easily led, dl what they’re told, and still look the part. The problem with that is you start filling the ranks with morons - the morons take over.

Things go wrong. Police killings, systemic racism, everything. Is there racism in America? Yes. Is it everywhere? I’m sure. But honestly how many people do

You KNOW that are full on racists and have a pure HATE for another group of people? I’m sure they are out there. I know they are because the police have been filled with simple minded buffoons. So now the morons are running the system.

Someone is shaking the jar, and watching. Trying to turn everyone against everyone. Black Lives Matter-America came together and said yeah, there’s a problem here.

Stop Asian Hate - this one I don’t even understand. Okay. So maybe Covid Came from China...who in their right mind thinks every Asian is responsible? I mean really? Are we all that stupid?

It’s like let’s see which one catches on...which one gets em all riled up?

Maybe I’m an ostrich with my head in the ground...but where did all of this hate come from? It’s like all of a sudden the hate was turned up to high. No one likes anyone. No one trusts anyone. If you’re different than me you’re wrong, and that’s clearly not acceptable.

Everyone must accept everyone for everyone and be everyone. No one can be an individual anymore. That’s hate. Disagreeing is hate. Everything is hate.

Everyone seems to look for the differences nowadays, instead of looking for the similarities, and focusing on that. After Trey passed I was a TOTAL mess. I spent time, and still spend time in Treys Facebook - looking through all of his thoughts, and things he posted. It just makes me remember him, and his thoughts and conversations about all of that. I’ve also spent time looking back through his notes, and day planners.

Trey kept his day planners in these fancy books he got every year, because he treated his day planners as a journal. For the last 20 years or so I have Treys daily notes. And his thoughts, and everything he did every day.

Random thoughts he had, random notes on people. Everything.

Right after he passed I fleas reading through his 2018/2019 book. I don’t know what day it was but he had written down ‘dogfather chic knows her shit’

It caught my attention because I knew exactly who ‘dogfather chic’ was. It blew my mind because she was the polar opposite of Trey politically. Nothing in common. But, they agreed on the police, and problems within the department everything. It really made me rethink Trey. He was always so staunch in his beliefs and he honestly never liked ‘dog father chics’ politics at all. So that note shocked me. I looked back through Facebook and found comments where they agreed with one another. It blew my mind.

As long as someone thought out their thoughts Trey had a ton of respect for them. He may not agree with them, at all. But he respected them. I’d always known that. But for some reason that note, and the whole situation just resonated with me.